Windows 10 1909 | The Latest Windows Update

Windows 10 1909 | The Latest Windows Update

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Microsoft, traditionally, updates its system twice a year- once in spring, and again in the fall. The alterations include new software programs, the addition of improved features and increased proficiency in functionality.
The latest update, which is released for the use of the general public in November 2019, does not include any significant changes in the system. The new update still includes all the features and improvements made in the previous versions of Windows 10.
Notifications and Shortcuts
The new Windows update has made several changes in the management of system and application notifications. Users can now view a “Manage Notifications” tab in the Action Center (which can be easily accessed by selecting the dialogue box icon, located at the lower right corner of the Windows taskbar). In the notifications setting, a link has been added that takes the user straight to the notification setting of a particular application.
Additionally, the notification setting’s page now includes an option for silencing the notification settings for an individual app, as well as for all applications collectively. Windows 10 1909 has also introduced new icons for specific notification types in the ‘Setting’ menu.
Quick Event Creation Tools
Another major change in the new Windows update is the user’s accessibility to add events in the calendar instantaneously. The swift event creation tool allows users to immediately create an event through the quick access calendar (which can be accessed at the bottom right corner of the screen), without having to open the additional calendar window. This update is particularly convenient for university going students, who require a quick method to keep track of their assigned tasks. They can add their dates of submissions, track their orders for the dissertation writers UK and mark the dates of examinations.

Quick events can be created in two simple steps.
1. Navigate the pointer to the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the date and time tab to open the quick access calendar.
2. To create an event, click on the date for which the event needs to be created. The quick creation tool will appear, thus allowing users to insert names, labels, locations, time and other relevant details.
Search Tool Updates
The new and improved Windows has now updated the search tool. In Windows 10 1909, the search tool found in the file explorer has become web-based. Hence, its searches expand to OneDrive files, in contrast to the saved folders on the offline PC.
The new Windows also performs a quick search, which allows the display of the matching files in a drop-down menu while the user is typing the query.
Better Battery Life
Windows 10 1909 has augmented the functionality of the PC’s battery life. Power efficiency and improvements have been added for the use of a better and improved processor in the latest upgrade.

The devices which include the Function feature (FN) can now identify if the button is pressed or not. The new Windows Accessibility and Narration feature can inform the users about where the key is located on the keyboard and can further highlight whether it is locked or unlocked.

Windows Sandbox
Windows Sandbox is a security feature that facilitates a safe running of applications in an isolated desktop environment. It is a temporary desktop where the user can run an executable file, downloaded from a non-trusting source, without worrying about the effect it may have on the device. The software installed using the Windows sandbox would only remain within the sandbox, without leaving any effect on the host. As soon the sandbox is shut down, the software, along with its files, would be permanently deleted from the PC. This feature is now available on Windows 10 1909.

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